Dan is super friendly and very knowledgeable. He really focuses on providing an enjoyable experience.

Darren. R

Had a great time going out with Capt. Dan during striper season. We fished the Bath area within sight of a Zumwalt Class Destroyer (impressive) at Bath Iron Works. With 4 poles in the water, we hooked two fish on both of our first two passes.

When the fishing slowed down where we were, he took us through Hell's Gate to fish new water. Wonderful scenery.

Having been raised in Maine, I had no idea there was such wonderful fishing to be had within 30 minutes of where I was raised and he knew all the good places to go, when to go, and what types of fish you might catch.

Capt. Dan was a good teacher, had patience with a novice saltwater fisherman, and provided interesting knowledge and stories.

The trip was a blast and it was fun watching all the other guide boats follow Capt. Dan - he clearly is respected by the other guides.

Dana G.

We have been fortunate enough to have found Captain Dan many years ago when my kids were small boys. One successful trip and we were all hooked;) we have been aboard this charter countless times and Dan always ensures we have a blast, we catch fish and we make lifetime memories. Dan has taught my older son to fly fish with the best of 'em too! If you get an opportunity to experience striper fishing in Maine be sure you use Tonde, you won't be disappointed!! We look forward to this trip each year - the incredible homemade cookies might keep us coming back too!

Melinda. P

We had a fantastic experience with Captain Dan! Lots of laughs, learning, and sight seeing. He was sure to take us wherever we needed to go in order to catch, for us we didn't care if we brought anything home it was just the overall experience of being out on the water. He kept it fun and knowledgeable.... and no one fell overboard!

Thank you, Captain Dan - we will definitely be back!

Michelle. G

BEST DAY EVER! This wasn't just a fishing trip! The fishing was great and Capt. Dan's fishing knowledge, patience, and expertise made the trip worthwhile. He had all the equipment ready to go, even a left strung pole for dad. No one was left out, he helped everyone from casting to reeling, everyone had a chance to learn from Capt. Dan. He is the picture of a well seasoned sea captain! He took his time and made sure everyone was enjoying their day.
Mom caught 2 fish, making her the fishing champ of the day. Capt. Dan's superior casting skills helped her out, but she had to reel them both in.
The sights were unbelievable, from lighthouses to seals, to bald eagles! Capt. Dan's boat tour and vast knowledge of the history of the area made this more than just a fishing trip.
There was a part of this day everyone enjoyed.
We can't wait for our trip next year, and the rematch with mom!
See ya in 2022 Captain!